Fogo’s Smart Flashlight Is The Swiss Army Knife Of Personal Lighting


Today at TechCrunch’s Hardware Battlefield at CES 2015, Fogo Digital showed off the prototype of its smart flashlight, a tool that will offer everything from GPS to Bluetooth once it comes to market.

Fogo intends to launch the device on Kickstarter in the near future, selling various editions of the flashlight at separate price points – adding GPS, for example, will cost more.

The ability to sell Fogo’s flashlight in different formulations matters for the company as it will help it attract a more diverse client base, but also because swap-ability is key to its design. In time, the company expects to build more than 10 different „smart caps” that can be removed, and replaced with caps that have different functionality.

Imagine swapping out your radio, for a different connectivity device, for example, while backpacking.

I asked Fogo how large it felt its market was, and the company noted that the military…

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